Thousand Faces of Qi Men

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During the period of the Tian Dynasty, the envoys from Dongying bewitched the emperor, to release Chi You, the demon god who had been sealed for thousands of years, to bring disaster to the world. In order to protect the seal, the Qimen sect was brutally suppressed. Mr. Dong Guo, the wandering elder, met the talented Liu Zimo by chance, and planned to take him as his apprentice. As the pursuit of Dongying evildoers gradually tightened, Liu Zimo and his party resisted several times. Dong Guo sacrificed himself to protect Liu Zimo so he could leave safely, and entrusted him with the Pupil Arm that opened the seal. Forced to shoulder the heavy burden, Liu Zimo embarked on a journey of practice, and at the same time fell into a sadomasochistic relationship. Dongying bewitched Ji Yuanhuizi to take the opportunity to release Chi You.The color of the sky changed, and the wind was surgical, and a desperate battle was ready to go.

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Duration: 85 Min

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